Climate Sense

We work globally to review, design, and improve the way that organisations and their networks engage with climate change opportunities and risks – specialising both on climate change mitigation (carbon management) and climate change adaptation (responding to climate impacts).

Climate Sense’s cutting-edge software systems (CaDD) ensure pace, scale and excellent value for money.

Our team of consultants are expert in reviewing and developing institutional and systemic capacity and scaling good practice across value chains, sectors, industries and geographical areas.

We design optimum interventions that focus resources where they will make the biggest difference.

The approaches we use have been developed, tried, and tested over decades with some of the most advanced climate change programmes in the world (e.g. The Netherlands national adaptation plan) as well as with some of the more basic.

We provide step by step guidance on how our clients and their relevant stakeholders can improve the ways in which they address climate change issues. Our focus on Organisational Development and Change Management includes individual, organisational and systemic behaviour change [e.g. leadership, champions and working together], as well as designing and refining policies, action plans, strategies, and operational management.