About us

“Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty” Jacob Bronowski

Climate Sense works with organisations to assess and develop their capacity to take action against a changing climate. Governments, regulators, trade associations and industry bodies worldwide look to us to assess how well prepared they are to adapt to and mitigate climate change. We help them identify the people, processes and policies that will enable and support change across the business units, companies, institutions and groups they dependent upon and influence. At this level, we work as drivers of individual, organisational and systemic change.

Catalysts for action

We’re not a big company, but the scope of our work is already global. Climate Sense is a small group of highly committed organizational change agents who share a passion and talent for enabling others to take action.

Working together

Building the capacity to respond to sustainability and climate change issues needs to be a collective effort. Only by working together can we achieve meaningful and timely interventions to the global challenge we all now face. Climate Sense embraces working with other experts and practitioners in the field. The capacity to adapt is made up of many factors, including financial, technical, political and institutional capacity. While Climate Sense focuses predominantly upon ensuring the institutional and systemic capacity is aligned with the others, we recognize that to make meaningful change happen, that we must work together with experts across the board. We have a proven track record of working well with all kinds of technical, financial, political and development experts. We love to work with people who want to make a difference.

Enabling action

What we offer is rooted in a deep understanding of what enables change at an individual, organizational, systemic and social level. We use this understanding to develop climate change capacity. We measure it using robust, scalable diagnostics then work through our global network of intermediaries to define capacity building actions.

Decision Support

Because we work at both a systemic and operational level, we do far more than raise awareness – we gather and use information to bring about meaningful action.

Recognising that change can only come from within, and organisational change cannot solely be the result of outside influence, our approach is uniquely inside out. In other words, we encourage our clients to start asking themselves the kind of questions that enable better decisions to be made.