Climate Change

Our work focusses upon where your activities will impact upon the environment, as well as, where the environment will impact upon your activities.

Scientific evidence tells us global warming is already affecting the world’s climate. Climate change has begun. Its impacts will continue to escalate for decades. But we are not helpless. There remains a vast amount of invaluable actions that organisations, sectors, industries and nations can do to:

  1. Continue to flourish in a global economy and society more capable of withstanding the climate impacts we cannot avoid
  2. Avoid as much climate change as is humanly possible in order to maximise the chances of doing so

Some climate change is inevitable. The extent to which we get to grips with managing the quantity of greenhouse gases (GHG) we allow into the earth’s atmosphere will determine how much climate change we need to try to cope with. Higher concentrations of GHG in the atmosphere will lead to more serious climatic changes. A lag in the climatic system means that we are currently experiencing the climatic changes produced by the concentrations of GHG being emitted into the atmosphere decades ago. This quantity has continued to rise dramatically over those decades. The consequences to our climate of our GHG mismanagement today will continue for decades into the future. We make many decisions today that will last into that future, e.g.: how to design buildings and where to build them; investment in water, energy and transport infrastructures; where we live and how many children we have; what food types we depend upon and the ways we can produce them. The list goes on.

There is therefore a critical need to both develop our ability to survive unavoidable climate change impacts (e.g. increased storminess, more frequent droughts, floods & heatwaves) as well as prevent more climate change happening (e.g. drastically reduce our GHG emissions). Both aspects must therefore form essential components of long-term and/or high-investment decision-making.