Capacity Matters

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Climate Sense makes sense of the challenges climate change poses for organisations and the systems they depend upon. We systematically assess and develop the required capacity to take optimal decisions.

Why we focus upon decisions

The capacity to recognise which decisions need to take climate change issues into consideration is remarkably scarce. Even when recognised as important, the capacity to appropriately consider climate change within decision-making is often extremely weak. This is true at the organisational, as well as the systemic level.

A specific focus on developing the required capacity is needed. Large investments and long-lasting decisions (e.g. energy security, buildings, water security, fixed assets, technology choices and development programmes, etc) need to be able to survive in, and remain relevant to, a future with a significantly different carbon economy and climate. As the climate changes and carbon prices rise, reliance on current global supply chains also becomes threatened.

Ensuring that current and future climatic changes, carbon pricing, and carbon reduction targets are taken into consideration when making such decisions is critical but complex. Among other political, technical, economic and social uncertainties, the future climate is also highly uncertain. To make things harder, large and long-lasting decisions usually involve multiple organisations: from technical experts and advisers – to accountants and insurers – from planners and regulators – to suppliers and investors.