Climate Sense is the owner of the highly acclaimed CaDD (Capacity Diagnosis & Development) software. Formerly known as PACT when Climate Sense was merged with Alexander Ballard Ltd, the CaDD approaches and software have continued to be further developed and refined by Climate Sense. New functionality is being added all the time as we continue to learn from what our clients and partners need in an ever changing world.

CaDD provides approaches for measuring and improving the performance of organisations, and the systems of organisations they form part of. Identifying internal, external and systemic strengths and weaknesses – Enabling the most efficient design, delivery, and monitoring of meaningful interventions.

The CaDD software system provides two main services that can be used either in isolation or in combination to generate metrics on organisational and stakeholder capacities across any climate change relevant activity/activities, and at any scale (from a single business unit to a multinational industry).

Please see the CaDD website for more information: