Our work

Our mission started long before this company was born. Our Founding Director Doogie Black commissioned the work of Alexander Ballard Ltd in developing CaDD (then called PACT) as part of his role in delivering the highly acclaimed EU-Funded ESPACE Project from 2003 to 2008. ESPACE was one of the first ever climate change adaption projects focussing on water management at the multinational level.

On completion of the ESPACE Project in 2008, Doogie established Climate Sense to further this work and align his efforts with those of Alexander Ballard Ltd. Inevitably the two companies merged in 2010, and following some exciting work together, Climate Sense has become an independent company again since 2013.

To date, Climate Sense has worked on a wide variety of projects across many sectors. Some of the most significant of these being:

2016 Working with infrastructure and climate change adaptation experts in the UK’s Infrastructure Operators Adaptation Forum (IOAF) – applying CaDD Deep Dives to develop bespoke capacity assessment and development techniques for asset managers among UK infrastructure operators.

2016 Developing guidance (Evidence on Demand) for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) – on how to assess the capacity their development partners possess in addressing climate change and environment risk in their programmes and actions

2016 Working with a major UK Water and Sewerage Company in assessing, developing and reporting on their adaptive capacity – using CaDD Deep Dives

2015 Researching the risk that climate change poses to the different links within and between forestry and agriculture value chains (landscape based) in ASEAN Member States. German Government (GIZ), German ASEAN Partnership on climate Change (GAP-CC) and the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network (CRN).

2015 Applying the CaDD framework to 7 transnational case studies (South East Asia) to show how best to strengthen the market opportunities of small food producers and processors while improving the interface between larger businesses and other producers, traders, processors and distributors. German Government (GIZ), German ASEAN Partnership on Climate Change (GAP-CC), GIZ’s Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN), and their Responsible and Inclusive Business Hubs (RIBH).

2014 Development of a Methodology to Recognize and Scale ‘good climate risk management practices’ within rice, maize and cassava production in and across 10 ASEAN Member States. The methodology was designed for 8 Technical Institutions based in 10 ASEAN Countries. German ASEAN Partnership on climate Change (GAP-CC)

2014 Climate Proofing the Supply of Beef in Malawi, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. In recognition of the perceived risk that climate change places upon the supply of beef in Sub-Saharan Africa. Working alongside agronomist and climate experts Value for development, we quantified the risks before applying the CaDD Pathfinder inquiries across the beef value chains of each country. Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU)

2013 Adaptation Strategies for European Cities (ASEC). Working in partnership with the Dutch engineering firm (ARCADIS), ICLEI and Ricardo-AEA, we identified the risks that climate change poses upon the different services of European city authorities and their adaptive capacity to address them. We used CaDD Deep Dives* to assess the adaptive capacity of 21 European cities – collaboratively designing programmes to share leading practice on climate risk management across 200 cities. EU-Funded Project, with Ricardo-AEA as lead partner

2013 The PREPARE Project: Barriers and Enablers To Organisational And Sectoral Adaptive Capacity. The project used CaDD Pathfinder* inquiries to explore how organisations with different adaptive capacity understand the barriers and enablers to climate change that they face. CaDD Pathfinder* questionnaires were conducted with: businesses, public sector and third sector organisations of: low, medium and high adaptive capacity. The capacity level had been assessed through an initial screening round that used CaDD Pathfinder* questions by Ipsos Mori (approx. 2000 organisations in total). UK Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

2013 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (UK CCRA) – Using a combination of CaDD Deep Dive* and CaDD Pathfinder* inquiries, we applied national climate change ‘risk’ and ‘impact’ data to review the decision-making capacity of 8 UK sectors for first Climate Change Risk Assessment. (water, health, built environment, road transport, rail transport, forestry, finance and insurance). Climate Sense’s founding director Doogie Black lead on the built environment and transport work. UK Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)


*please note that CaDD Deep Dives were branded as PACT under ownership of Alexander Ballard Ltd at the time of this project. Climate Sense has been granted ownership of the PACT IP and Software since 2013 and has now re-branded to CaDD